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Friday, March 10th, 2017

Sundari finally embraces Social Media

There is no doubt that every day that passes social media becomes more prevalent in out lives. We have to accommodate to this reality and embrace this new phase of mediaWe are now in Facebook and we are in Pinterest and we are in Twitter (@sundari_silver) . So we are making progress in our learning and soon we will be managing this as experts.

In the meantime it is worth philosophising for a moment the benefit of social media, how it brings people together and makes this world a very small place. For a moment, I want to transport you some 25 years back. At the time (fairly recently in the context of world events) few people had email and immediate communication was with faxes . Photos was with film and printing was a job for the specialist.

Nowadays if you have an event, you can invite a whole host of people immediately and similarly share the photos almost immediately and they can pass them on and share them alike…….

Is the question of immediacy top most in our priorities? Don’t know but something positive has to be said if we can bring people together in this way


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