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Thursday, October 30th, 2014

What the jewellery you wear says about you

Let’s be honest: we all know that the way we dress affects how people look at us and how we feel about ourselves. That is why we spend so much time and so much money looking after our wardrobe and our accessories. There are those people that think almost compulsively at changing their accessories when they change their wardrobe – hence they use costume jewellery. There are also those that would like a more conservative look and buy accessories for the ‘long term’.

We in Sundari have long advocated that a more measured look at our accessories is probably best. Apart from the obvious monetary benefit from not constantly changing and getting rid of jewellery we don’t want, a more conservative approach can say a lot about us. If we change our neckwear every time we put on attire then we constantly have to mix and match and people might perceive us as fickle or racy. We may not like to hear this but even if we make the perfect mix of accessories and wardrobe and have an exquisite taste we are changing all the time.

Contrast that view with the notion of only occasionally changing a modest and select collection of jewellery. Of course it is against our own interests that you have a ‘modest collection’ of jewellery, but we always like to advice what we feel is right and not necessarily in our interests. A more conservative pace of changing can be judged to belong to a more sedate and perennial person than one who is constantly changing. There are fortunately no rules on this and one is free to do as one wishes.

The next point is how we mix and match out jewellery. We may decide that a permanent pair of earring studs go perfectly well with some large neckwear and bracelet. Or it might be as well to wear a small necklace or pendant and a large pair of earrings. No no’s are large pair earrings and a large neckwear. They will obviously clash and overbear the central feature and the reason for wearing jewellery: you. Remember that jewellery is meant to add value to your person and not distract attention from you.

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