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Monday, September 1st, 2014

Why is fair trade important?

We normally go about our business without giving much notice whether something is made with ethical and fair trade practices. It is well documented that big corporations pay pittance for their clothing articles only to be sold at a great profit in the high street. So, why should the average punter care?

It affects us

Even though it may seem that we are not affected by these practices we are indeed affected. Let’s put a scenario of a world in which people don’t care about fair practices. That world will constitute of the “have’s” and the “have not’s” to extreme. In that world the have not’s will never progress and they will always be subjugated to lack of education, or skills or fair living. How does that affect us I hear you say?

Well, quite simply the only way in which the world can improve is by having a more homogeneous society. This is not ‘green’ talk. You can see it in our own society. Even though there may be people with masses of wealth, we can grow because we are more of a homogeneous society. Without making a whole essay on this, it is a fact that our society is more even than it was 200 years ago and it is thanks to people who saw the need to level off extremes.

Better products

Another reason is purely selfish: by having trained and professional people we will have better products. We all know those products that have been created by artisans that have little more than their creativity to do their products. Let’s face it some of them are pretty but they usually are of very poor quality. They have not been trained or taught skills which would make their products better. It impinges on us to get better quality products and to make improvements to our product range by improving the skills of our workers.

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