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Other Gemstone Celtic Jewellery

Welcome to our unusual gemstone celtic jewellery page

Here you can browse through our ranges of earrings, necklaces, pendants, and other types of jewellery in the unusual gemstones designed with a celtic twist.

Remember that all our jewellery comes with free delivery and if you are buying a gift we can wrap it for you as well.

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Sundari Pendant Ruby Red MORE INFO...
Sundari Pendant Ruby Red
Sundari Celtic pendant Ruby MORE INFO...
Sundari Celtic pendant Ruby
Sundari Celtic pendant Emerald MORE INFO...
Sundari Celtic pendant Emerald

More about gemstones

Gemstones are generally minerals that have been formed over thousands or millions of years. Gemstones may be formed from pure mineral, a simple chemical compound, or a more complex mixture of various compounds and elements.

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More about the Celtic collection

Our collection of celtic inspired jewellery has it's roots deeply set in the styles of rennie mackintosh and claddagh. The origins of celtic jewellery can be traced back to the arts and creativity of the people of Ireland and the Scottish highlands and some of their earliest pieces included items such as neck torques and decorative brooches which have adapted throughout history to suit the ever chaging tastes of modern culture, but still remaining true to their illustrious origins.

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