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Blue Topaz Contemporary Jewellery

Welcome to our blue topaz contemporary jewellery page.

Only the most contemporary jewellery with blue topaz gemstones makes it on to this page, so take a minute to browse through our ranges below.

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Sundari Earrings Blue Topaz MORE INFO...
Sundari Earrings Blue Topaz

More about the Blue Topaz gemstone

Topaz is nature’s palette of colour; it is available in a rainbow of colours: deep golden yellow topaz (sometimes called sherry topaz) and pink topaz are the most valuable. Today we also have blue topaz which sometimes is enhanced in colour through irradiation.

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More about the Contemporary collection

Here at Sundari we specialise in jewellery of all types and on this page we are showing our most contemporary designs. We use only the highest quality .925 sterling silver and all of our jewellery is designed in the UK by professional designers, and also up and coming design students. If you are looking for a piece of contemporary jewellery then please take a minute to browse our ranges as we are sure you will find the right one here...

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