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Labradorite comes in a variety of colours. The body colour can range from colourless to grey, brown, yellow, green, or pink. The clarity ranges from transparent to translucent. The best labradorite has a blue sheen, perfect clarity, and a colourless body colour.

Gemmological Characteristics:

Labradorite is a variety of feldspar and the shimmer, which is called schiller or adularescence, is caused by the intergrowth of two different types of feldspar, with different refractive indexes. It is medium hard stone at 6 and has a vitreous lustre.

Holistic Properties:

The “Mother Earth” stone has a great affinity to female fertility and menstrual cycles.


The best labradorite is mined in Sri Lanka and the south of India. It is also found in Madagascar and Mexico and the European alps.