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The name probably derives from the Latin word “Granatum” meaning “pomegranate”, as the red colour of the stone has the appearance of seeds of this fruit.


The name Garnet is given to a group of stones that consist of similar crystal structures and chemical compounds, in all colours but blue. One of the most popular is the rhodolite Garnet, which ranges from pink to purplish red in colour.

Gemmological Characteristics:

It is difficult to determine the exact composition of a garnet, and generally gemmologists rely on colour and refractive index for classification. Red stones are referred to as Almandine, Pyrope or Rhodolite. The hardness is 7.5 and has a vitreous lustre.

Holistic Properties:

Garnet regenerates the body’s system, particularly the bloodstream. Helps to accept love and gives courage. Stimulates creativity.


Garnet in its various forms is obtained from S Africa, Brazil, Burma, Tanzania and Arizona. It is also found in Scotland, Australia, Mexico and Switzerland.

Zodiac & Birthstone:

Aquarius (January 20 - February 19)