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Carnelian (also sometimes referred to as cornelian).


Carnelian is a translucent gemstone that varies in colour from orange to reddish orange. There is also a dark brownish orange shade of carnelian that is very suitable for men's rings. The gemstone has a hardness of 7 on the Moh's scale that measures the hardness of gemstones. Carnelian belongs to the quartz family of gems and is also referred to by other trade names like, red chalcedony and red agate.

Holistic Properties:

This gemstone is believed to cleanse the blood and also improves ones outlook. It has been believed for a long time that the carnelian gemstone stops bleeding and helps heals wounds. Carnelian is an energy booster. It helps the insecure person to find strength within them so they can come into their own. It is said to increase the appetite.


The Egyptians believed that the carnelian gem stone had special powers in afterlife. They also believed that carnelian amulets would help the passage of the soul into the next world. This is the reason why numerous types of carnelian jewellery have been found in the ancient Egyptian tombs. In Europe carnelian jewellery was worn with the belief that, it would provide protection against evil and also ensure continuation of hope, good luck and comforts. During the Renaissance era, people would keep carnelian gemstone in their homes to prevent negative magic (curses) from being place on them or their families.


Aries (March 21 - April 20)