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The name apatite comes from the Greek word for deceive or cheat, which is apatao. Throughout history it has been called the deceitful or cheating stone because it is so easy to confuse it with other types of gemstones. While this is especially true in the cut stones used in jewellery, it is also true when it is in the raw crystal state as it has been mistaken for beryl and tourmaline.


Apatite Gemstone comes in a wide range of colours ranging from neon blue, colourless, purple, violet, pink, green, yellow and even red.

Like most other minerals, the colour depends on the additional minerals in the area where the apatite gemstone grows. The most in demand colour, the rich purple found in Maine at Mount Apatite. From Brazil we find the 2nd most sought after colour which is a brilliant blue colour. Recently a neon blue-green variety has been minded in Madagascar that is quickly gaining in popularity.

Holistic Properties:

The perfect gemstone for use on any of the chakras since it can both stimulate under activity and calm over activity and clear congestions in any of the chakras. Apatite crystal helps in the development of psychic abilities and help you attune your mind, body and soul to the spiritual forces that run throughout the universe.

Holistic Properties:

Zodiac: Gemini (20 May - 21 June)
Zodiac & Brithstone:

It has often been said, before you can change something, you must accept it as it is. This is very true for most people where excess weight is an issue. An Apatite crystal is a multi-talented gemstone helping us attune to our inner selves and accept the healing, communication, balancing and teaching it has to offer.

Apatite is the perfect gemstone for those with weight problems for it not only helps in appetite suppression, but allows you to look within and see the truths within ourselves. This is ofter required in a quest for weight loss so you can get to the root cause of overeating.


The most common sources for the most brilliant colours of apatite include Brazil, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Norway, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the United States.