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Yellow Jewellery
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Welcome to our yellow jewellery page. Here you can see our ranges priced £40 and above.

yellow is a very firey, sexy and energetic colour and can be given as a gift on valentines day as a sign of love. yellow jewellery is best worn to accompany cool colours such as pale blues, and pinks.

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Sundari Necklace Citrine Smokey Qtz MORE INFO...
Sundari Necklace Citrine Smokey Qtz

More about the colour Yellow

The colour yellow is the colour of sunshine, which makes it one of the warmest colours available and like red has much positive symbolism such as happiness, joy, and cheerfulness.

Yellow has many mystically healing properties such as being mentally stimulating, and is said to help strengthen the nervous system, help cure dermatitis and other similar skin problems as well as helpful for conditions of the stomach, liver, and intestines. It is also said that yellow can encourage positive character traits such as: Broad mindedness, good humoredness, confidence, wisdom, logical thinking, and a positive attitude.

Yellow has rules when used with other colours, and can be used effectively to perk up a more subdued cool palette of blues and grays. Lemon yellow found in lemon topaz can be used with orange jewellery or clothing to carry out a healthy, summery, citrus theme. Other paler types of yellow could work to neutralise darker or richer colours such as reds, but blue and yellow create the most eye popping cominations when used together, or even with oranges and reds to really stand out.

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