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White Celtic Jewellery

Welcome to our white celtic jewellery page.

Here we are displaying our ranges of white gemstone jewellery in the Irish inspired celtic designs. A popular form of celtic design is the Rennie Mackintosh which we often use.

All of our jewellery comes with free delivery and gift wrapping is available if you wish to make your celtic jewellery extra special.

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Earrings Pearl
Earrings Pearl


Earrings Pearl
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Earrings Rainbow Moonstone
Sundari Celtic pendant Rainbow Moonstone MORE INFO...
Sundari Celtic pendant Rainbow Moonstone

More about the colour White

The colour white represents purity, cleanliness, and innocence, and like black it goes well with almost any other colour. Our white jewellery uses mostly the labradorite, and pearl gemstones but can also come with white fossils, sea shells and synthetic materials.

In many countries around the world there are cultures who view angels to be typically wearing white as well as brides; and with the UK being no exeception to that, it features heavily in our wedding jewellery designs, with the use of cubic zirconia, pearl, and labradorite gemstones.

As mentioned above white can be used with other light or pastel tones. White is soft and spring-like which helps to make the pastel palette much more lively. The colour can make dark or light reds, blues, and greens look brighter and far more prominent.

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More about the Celtic collection

Our collection of celtic inspired jewellery has it's roots deeply set in the styles of rennie mackintosh and claddagh. The origins of celtic jewellery can be traced back to the arts and creativity of the people of Ireland and the Scottish highlands and some of their earliest pieces included items such as neck torques and decorative brooches which have adapted throughout history to suit the ever chaging tastes of modern culture, but still remaining true to their illustrious origins.

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