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Red Jewellery
£30 to £40

Welcome to our red jewellery page. Here you can see our ranges priced between £30 and £40.

Red is a very firey, sexy and energetic colour and can be given as a gift on valentines day as a sign of love. Red jewellery is best worn to accompany cool colours such as pale blues, and pinks.

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Sundari Pendant Garnet Zirconia Red
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Sundari Ring Garnet

More about the colour Red

Red is a very vibrant and exciting colour that is often linked with love and St. Valentine and has many mythical properties that evoke positive charcter traits such as: Courageousness, leadership qualities, strength of will, and confidence.

Red is a very warm colour that helps promote healing of many kinds and can warm colder areas of the body to relieve pain and muscle stiffness. Many believe that red can increase circulation of the blood and increase the flow of adrenaline as well.

Red can match with other colours such as green around christmas time because of if traditional festive nature. Cool blue colours can provide contrast to help tone down reds natural illuminating heat, and can be harmonized when placed with light pinks and yellows.

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