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Purple Jewellery
£30 to £40

Welcome to our purple jewellery page. Here you can see our ranges priced between £30 and £40.

purple is a very firey, sexy and energetic colour and can be given as a gift on valentines day as a sign of love. purple jewellery is best worn to accompany cool colours such as pale blues, and pinks.

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Sundari Pendant Amethyst Zirconia Purple
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Sundari Ring Violet Zirconia
Sundari Ring Amethyst MORE INFO...
Sundari Ring Amethyst

More about the colour Purple

The colour purple is always assocciated with royalty and considered to be associated with both nobility and spirituality. Purple is created by mixing the stable and calming aspects of blue with the energetic and fiery temperament of red to make this truly unique and very mystical colour of purple.

Purples are said to expand ones divine understanding, and that it is good for mental and nervous problems. Apparently, it can also help with pain and is used in deep tissue work to help heal bones.

The colour of purple can have positive mystical effects on the character of the wearer such as: Reverence for all life, idealism, self sacrificing, and kindness.

Purple can work with some other colours when treated with care. Deep purple jewellery can go with neutral brown or beige to give an an earthy, conservative colour combination with an air of mystery. One striking combination can be green with purple jewellery in deep or bright jewel tones or maybe consider using lighter shades for a cheerful, springlike feel. And, don't forget that pink and purple has a very feminine appeal.

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