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Pink Jewellery
£20 to £30

Welcome to our pink jewellery page. Here you can see our ranges priced between £20 and £30.

pink is a very firey, sexy and energetic colour and can be given as a gift on valentines day as a sign of love. pink jewellery is best worn to accompany cool colours such as pale blues, and pinks.

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More about the colour Pink

The colour pink is representative of happiness and is sometimes seen as lighthearted and gives a sensual and passionate feeling without being too aggressive. Some brighter shades of pink are considered youthful, fun and exciting whilst more vibrant pinks have the same high energy as red.

Pinks can have an affect on us physically and mentally to stimulates energy, and improve respiration, the heartbeat, and pulse rate, as well as encourages action and confidence.

All the shades of pink become more sophisticated when combined with black, gray or medium to darker shades of blue, and a combination of dark green with pink is also an incredibly smart looking match.

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