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Brown Jewellery
£20 to £30

Welcome to our brown jewellery page. Here you can see our ranges priced between £20 and £30.

brown is a very firey, sexy and energetic colour and can be given as a gift on valentines day as a sign of love. brown jewellery is best worn to accompany cool colours such as pale blues, and pinks.

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Sundari Teardrop necklace Tigers Eye MORE INFO...
Sundari Teardrop necklace Tigers Eye
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Sundari Oval earrings Tigers Eye
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Sundari Ring Smokey Quartz
Sundari Earrings Tigers Eye MORE INFO...
Sundari Earrings Tigers Eye

More about the colour Brown

Brown is a very earthy and natural colour which has a warm neutral aura thought to stimulate the appatite, and found extensivley in natural materials such as wood, earth, and some gemstones such as tigers eye, and smokey quartz.

The colour brown portrays stability, reliability, and approachability, and said to give a feeling of wholesomeness, a connection with the earth, and offer a sense orderliness.

Various shades of brown jewellery can be twinned with green to give an especially earthy air. The very darkest browns can be used to replace black, which will add a slightly warmer tone to some palettes, and you can brighten brown with a mellow yellow or rusty orange. You could consider a conservative mix of brown with purple, green, gray, or orange-red.

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