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Black Contemporary Jewellery

Welcome to our black contemporary jewellery page.

On this page we are showing our most up date and contemporary designs for you to choose from. All of the gemstones used in the black jewellery are naturally occuring and highly polished for a superb finish.

All of our jewellery comes with free delivery and gift wrapping is available if you wish to make your gift extra special.

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Sundari Pendant Black Zirconia MORE INFO...
Sundari Pendant Black Zirconia
Sundari Star shape pendant Black Zirconia MORE INFO...
Sundari Star shape pendant Black Zirconia
Sundari Earrings Black Zirconia MORE INFO...
Sundari Earrings Black Zirconia

More about the colour Black

The colour black is considered the negation of colour, and is very conservative, and luckily black jewellery can go well with almost any colour except the very darkest. The colour black is also considered to be mysterious, sexy, elegant, and sophisticated.

Black clothing is visually slimming, and like other dark colours black can make other colours appear to be brighter than usual.

When trying to match black jewellery with other colours be careful that they are not too dark. It can occassionally work, but if the colours are too similiar they will blend in to one another. Black jewellery tends to work very well with bright, jewel-toned shades of red, blue, and green. Black is considered to be the number one dark colour and makes lighter colors such as yellow really explode out of an outfit.

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More about the Contemporary collection

Here at Sundari we specialise in jewellery of all types and on this page we are showing our most contemporary designs. We use only the highest quality .925 sterling silver and all of our jewellery is designed in the UK by professional designers, and also up and coming design students. If you are looking for a piece of contemporary jewellery then please take a minute to browse our ranges as we are sure you will find the right one here...

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