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Vintage Jewellery
£40 to £1000

Welcome to our vintage jewellery page

Here we have narrowed the results to feature only vintage jewellery priced from £40 and over so you can easily find what you are looking for...

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Sundari Pendant Sapphire MORE INFO...
Sundari Pendant Sapphire
Sundari Earrings Diamond MORE INFO...
Sundari Earrings Diamond
Sundari Earrings Sapphire MORE INFO...
Sundari Earrings Sapphire

More about the Vintage collection

Here we at Sundari we have had over 25 years experience in the jewellery business so we know what lasts...

We have taken our most popular designs that have stood the test of time as well as some popular concepts from the past and placed tham here in our vintage jewellery collection. This is a one stop shop for the most desirable jewellery that will always look good and always have a place in your jewellery box.

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