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September Birthstone Jewellery from
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Here we have narrowed the results to feature only september birthstone jewellery priced from £10 up to £20 so you can easily find what you are looking for...

Dont't forget that all of our jewellery comes with free delivery, and can be gift wrapped as well.

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Sundari Earrings Iolite MORE INFO...
Sundari Earrings Iolite
Sundari Celtic pendant Iolite MORE INFO...
Sundari Celtic pendant Iolite

More about September birthstone jewellery

September is the ninth month in the Gregorian calendar and the name derives from the Roman word 'septem', which means seven because in the old Roman calendar it was the seventh month until 153BC.

Star signs in this month:

  • Virgo
  • Libra

More about the Iolite gemstone

The name derives from the Greek word 'ios', which means violet. A gemstone that comes in various shades of blue. It is sometimes known as 'water sapphire'. Because of its pleochroismic qualities (the property in some gems of transmitting relatively strong colours when viewed along different axes) it makes it difficult to cut (even if it does make it easy for navigation!)

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