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What gift is more thoughtful than a piece of jewellery from the month you are born?

We use many different semi precious gemstones in our jewellery, and some of these fall in to the birthstone category. Whether you are buying jewellery as a present for a friend, loved one, or maybe just yourself; you can really make it personal by selecting the correct stone for the month of birth...

Our jewellery is great value for money and of the highest quality, with all stones and metals being sourced from sustainable locations around the world and in coordination with our fair trade policy. Our birthstone jewellery also covers many different collections such as celtic, fashion, and wedding and are all designed by renowned UK, and world wide based designers.

Also, don't forget that we have detailed descriptions of all of the gemstones we use in our gemstone guide. Here you will be able to read about the geological, metophysical and holistic characteristics and properties of the worlds gemstones, and learn a little more about your months birthstone.